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FABRICATION - Merchant Iron Works Inc.


The fabrication process starts by getting all the required pieces cut, drilled and prepped. Then our skilled fitters begin transferring the information on the shop drawings to the actual piece of steel. This information contains the part marks, dimensions, weld symbols and other important information to turn a plain piece of steel into a finished assembly that will play a vital role in the structure being fabricated.

Structural Steel:

MIW processes typical beam and column structures from a mechanical platform to a plant expansion.

Truss Fabrication:

MIW has the ability to fabricate large trusses and frames. One particular project required us to fabricate 75 trusses 79 feet long welded, painted and shipped as single units.

Heavy Frames:

MIW can handle Heavy frames such as crusher bases, module assemblies and large hoppers. The heaviest single pieces that MIW has fabricated was two railroad unloading bridges for a power plant. Each bridge frame weighed 48,000 pounds.


MIW has the ability to fabricate miscellaneous items such as handrails, stairs, ladders and other non-structural metal products. Stainless and aluminum items for industrial applications are also fabricated.


All welding is performed by AWS certified welders. Our welders are certified per AWS D1.1 specifications. Most all production welding is performed with the FCAW process with only a small percentage of welding done with the SMAW process.


MIW has the ability to apply any required coating you project may have specified. Coatings applied at our plant vary from standard shop primer to complex zincs and epoxies. The fabricated steel is first run through our shot blast machine to achieve the proper surface finish required. It then goes to the designated paint area where the coating is applied.

We also do projects on a regular basis that requires galvanizing. This is performed off site by various companies throughout the Southeast that have the capacity to meet the needs of each individual project.


Merchant Iron Works Inc. is an AISC certified fabricator. The American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) sets the standards for the steel industry. Companies that are AISC certified have been through a rigorous initial evaluation, and are subject to yearly reviews. Their auditing company confirms that fabricators have the personnel, knowledge, organization, equipment, experience, capability, procedures, and commitment to produce quality work.

*Click here to view MIW's AISC quality certificate